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Dear reader, my name is Akira Uchimura, editor and writer for this website.

Hana.bi started as one of the main projects of Nikkei Youth Network, a non-profit organization with the objective to create cultural bridges between Japan and the world. We started in 2010, working to make an international network of people with cultural affiliation to Japan.

In 2011, we started Hana.bi as our main platform to voice social project leaders, entrepreneurs, nikkei communities, and people who feel identified with Japanese culture. We wanted to have an explosion of ideas and experiences all in once place. Hence the name Hana.bi, fireworks in Japanese.

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Until now, we had the funds to maintain this site without problem.
Today I want to ask for your support so we can grow even more.

We want to make Hana.bi grow even more with more articles in different languages, and start new services such as a community market for all things Japan and a job site for people who want to work in Japan or Japanese companies.

We hate ads, and we don’t want to have company support that could influence our content. That is why we have decided to make this page to ask for your support, and make the readers, the real owners and patrons of this website.

I believe that information is precious, that the articles that we create helps people understand these different cultures, and that they help us learn something that we would otherwise never have learned. I believe that our writers have told great stories which I’ve loved, and I believe you have too. All the money will go directly to making Hana.bi better, letting us dedicate more of our time to create more content.

That’s why we’re asking you to join us. You’ll improve the quality and depth of the articles that we create on this website. You’ll get a subscription to every story by every writer, getting the story before anybody else.

You’ll be supporting something that matters to you and to thousands of other people.

Below we have created different forms of support for our site. Please choose the one that is most interesting to you.

USD$25 Support

  • Receive a Sticker designed by our Design Director, Jay Horinouchi (http://jaykun.com) The design will be announced next month. 
  • 6 month membership to Hana.bi Market
  • Honorable mention in our Supporter Page

USD$100 Support

  • Receive a T-shirt designer by our Design Director, Jay Horinouchi (http://jaykun.com) Design will be announced in December.
  • 1 year membership to Hana.bi Market
  • 1 year membership to Hana.bi Jobs
  • Honorable mention in our Supporter Page

USD$1000 - Super Supporter


  • You will receive a hand-made original painting made by Jay Horinouchi
  • 3 Hanabi Tshirts
  • Honorable mention on our support page and a thank you post.
  • 5 year free membership to Hanabi Market and Hanabi Jobs
  • A thank you letter from Akira

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