Using art and design to continue to aid Tohoku is one of my long term goals and a big part of J-Station. And a big project that we have created to further that goal is a free paper for Karakuwa, called KECKARA aka けっから。 The word KECKARA, in the Karakuwa dialect, means to give for free, or literally “give to you for free”.
KECKARA is the brainchild of Takuma Kato, the main volunteer leader in Karakuwa, and has been volunteering since the beginning of April, 2011. As one of the longest serving volunteers in Karakuwa, Takuma has heard and witnessed many amazing and inspiring stories from the local people of Karakuwa. Through KECKARA, it is our goal to share these inspirational stories and motivating dreams to the rest of the people of Karakuwa, and share Karakuwa to the rest of Japan and to the world.
I am very proud to be the art director and collaborator for KECKARA, and we have finally sent our first edition to the printers to be available to hand out this weekend, just in time for the Tara (鱈) matsuri on the 12th of this month. If anyone is around the Tohoku area this coming weekend, please drop by the matsuri and pick up a copy of KECKARA#1! Hopefully we will have some distribution around Tokyo and other places around Japan soon as well.
Tara-Matsuri: February 12, 2012 – 9am~2pm
Place: Karakuwa Peninsula Visitors Center parking lot

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