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Source: http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/

As you can see, Japan’s beloved Mt. Fuji has been captured in a beer glass! This charming design won a special prize in the 2008 Tokyo Midtown Awards and is surely catching the eye of beer lovers outside of Japan as well. Who wouldn’t want to share their home rendition of foam-capped Mt. Fuji using their own favorite beer?

Tokyo Midtown is a shopping complex located in Roppongi, a high-density spot for international traffic as well as people sensitive to new ideas. This is the perfect setting to showcase Japan’s values, sense, and talent. The Tokyo Midtown Awards searches for new items like the Fujiyama Glass which cleverly embody design and art, and each year the entries coming from young designers are more impressive. Simple ideas combined meld into awesome creations.

Source: http://www.nest-kok.jp/

The Fujiyama Glass was designed by Keita Suzuki, each one is individually handmade, and they are available for purchase at the Midtown Galleria B1F or online.