Hana.bi is a source of ideas, information & resources for our new generation.

We are a group of people from around the world who have strong connections to Japan, and either have something to share, or do things worth sharing.
Hanabi is “fireworks” in Japanese. It is a chemical reaction of gunpowder, metals, and fire that illuminates the sky and sparks happiness to people who see it.
This website is a collective explosion of young leaders, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, who ignite their surroundings with their HANABI-ideas that come from a fusion of Japanese values and culture, and their own culture which they grew up with. They find new answers to problems, using their various cultural and out-of-the-box lenses.

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Chileno-Japonés trabajando siempre en acercar más Japón a Latinoamérica y viceversa. 南米と日本を繋ぐ仕事をしています。

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